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Pleasant View
Residential Programs
Community Support Services
Fifteen people receive community-based experiences, support and training in their own homes.

Harrison Residence
Fifteen people with mental retardation and at least one other disability call Harrison home. Intensive individualized training in self-care, home care, communication, community living and functional academic is provided. Located in Harrisonburg, this is a wheelchair accessible intermediate care facility.

Lee-High Residence
This home in Broadway is shared by six men and six women who receive training based upon their individual goals and desires. First floor, including the men's living area, is wheelchair accessible.

Yoder House
This home in Montezuma, west of Dayton, serves four adults with mental retardation through Medicaid Waiver services. They receive community-based experiences.

Moyers Apartments
Independent living for people who meet the income limits set by Virginia Housing Development Authority is available in eight two-bedroom apartments located in Harrisonburg. Four first floor apartments are wheelchair accessible.

Turner House
An emphasis is placed on choice for the six individuals who share this home in Broadway. Training can include self-care, home care, communication, accessing the community, and social skills based on individual goals.

Turner Supervised Apartments
Five people live in apartments which share some common living areas. Those served receive training and supports to meet their goals for independent living.

Linford & Rebecca Gehman House
Four older adults with disabilities live in a community home with less emphasis on work and training.

William Wiatt Wright, Jr. House
Five adults share a home in the Harrisonburg community near Hillandale Park. Staff support the residents through training and assistance based on the large variety of strengths and needs that each individual possesses.

Specialized Home Services
People with developmental disabilities live as members of a family in the local community.

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Day Support Programming Services

Broadway Adult Developmental Day Program....
Twenty-two persons learn pre-vocational, academic, community, and daily living skills in classroom and community settings.

Harrisonburg Adult Developmental Day Program....
Twenty Seven persons receive training in daily living, sensory stimulation, and pre-academic and prevocational skills. Consumers are encouraged to participate in a wide variety of activities which increase or maintain physical abilities.

Community Connections Program....
Socialization, communication, safety and accessing community resources are emphasized in this community-based developmental day program. Twelve people are in Community Connections.

Supported Employment....
Persons work in the community in either an enclave or individual work site. Training and support are provided by a job coach.

  • Individual model - Individual support provides one-to-one support by a job coach to a worker in an employment position until support can be decreased gradually as the worker becomes more proficient.
  • Enclave Model - This group model offers support for multiple persons working together as a group at a job site.
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Spiritual Support

Pleasant View's mission statement includes the commitment to assist each individual served to reach his or her spiritual goals. In order to attain this goal Pleasant View offers the following services to each person served by the agency:

Pastoral Care
Pleasant View has a part time pastor who is committed to visiting each person served at least annually. This allows the person and the pastor to develop some rapport and to reflect on and name the spiritual goals the individual may have. The pastor is also available to visit with clients as they feel the need.

Where the spiritual goals of an individual include attendance and integration into area places of worship the pastor and other staff members assist the person in making this important step.

The pastor and other staff members offer nurture, presence and support around times of transition or life events which are cause for sorrow or celebration.

Spiritual Nurture
Each month Pleasant View's pastor and a team of volunteers plans and leads a worship service for persons with disabilities, their families and friends. Typically these services take place on a Friday evening. Each service is designed to include all people and to offer a variety of mediums of worship, teaching and nurture.

Pleasant View is committed to assisting area congregations as they attempt to offer spiritual nurture to persons with disabilities.

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Resource To Families
The pastor maintains contact with the families or support persons of the people Pleasant View serves and tries to address their spiritual concerns when appropriate.

The pastor is available to area congregations as they attempt to address the needs of persons with disabilities and their families.

Awareness Raising
Encourage local congregations to see beyond a person's disability to the gifts that he or she have to offer the community. This is done by communicating stories of the spirituality of persons with disabilities through writing, and speaking. Pleasant View also promotes, facilitates and encourages persons with disabilities in telling their own stories or sharing their gifts of music or art within the community.

Addressing Issues of Accessibility
Encourages area congregations to have barrier free buildings and inclusive attitudes towards persons with disabilities through workshops, speaking engagements, and articles.

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